A New Direction: Finally this blog has a purpose

If you notice, I have deleted the few posts that I made over the last three years. You didn’t notice because no one saw my blog. I think this new project will breathe life into my blog… and hopefully, you will find it interesting enough to read (and add comments and suggestions).

The Problem: Do you feel as though you have a world-view, but it is sloppy, unjustified, and inconsistent? I do. I often find myself defending various positions and waffling on major issues. So I have decided to dedicate this blog to resolving this problem.

The Means: Methodology is never easily established, especially since I have not really explored my beliefs about proper methodology in any detail. But here is my tentative plan:

Philpapers released a survey on major philosophical issues. Respondents were faculty and graduate students. I never had a chance to take the survey, so I am taking it now… and I am taking it more slowly than anyone else. I am going to spend time working through each survey question, explore related questions and issues. I will try to keep the blog organized by the questions, though I suspect that over time new topics will emerge, and other topics will blend together.

The End: The aim is simple, to work through my beliefs one post at a time and explore the issues, revise my positions, and refine the arguments by which I justify my beliefs.

Eventually, I hope to refine and rework my arguments through researching these topics along with anyone who might be willing to offer critiques or suggestions. So, if you find yourself interested in these topics, please join me in exploring them. It might just bring your own world-view into focus.

I’m in no rush to come to any conclusion or to become dogmatic in my positions. This is an open inquiry and the field of investigation is so vast that I know I won’t have it all worked out by the end (of my life). This is just an admission of humility, something I think is lacking within my field these days.


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