Brain teaser, with prize

Help! I can’t remember the name of the dog we just rescued! Be the first to figure it out, and post in the comments and you win a prize.

My wife and I went to the rescue shelter to find a dog to add to our family. We saw five dogs at the pound, here are their names: Hercules, Max, Dexter, Jean-Paul and Thor.

1. Two of the dogs are French Bulldogs and three are Boston Terriers.
2. Two of the dogs are puppies, the other three are full-grown adults.
3. Hercules and Max are the same age.
4. Jean-Paul and Thor are of the same breed.
5. Either Dexter or Thor is a puppy, but not both.
6. Max and Dexter are different breeds from one another.
7. We decided to rescue the French Bulldog puppy.

What’s the name of our dog?

Be the first to respond with the correct answer and you win a prize! The prize is… You get to pick the philosophic theme for my next “Philosoraptor.” I will come up with some sort of caption relating to the theme and then dedicate it to you!
(What did you expect, cash?)

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  1. Best watch out – he'll need some training if you start catching suspicious graves of neighborhood canines.

  2. Very quick response time! You are correct Michael.

    I'd better watch out indeed. I have not taught Dexter my code. But, a little training and a rolled up newspaper should do the trick.

    And the theme is?

  3. Michael,

    Also, perhaps you'd like to weigh in on the first question of the PhilPapers Survey. As you might have seen, I am currently considering whether or not there is a priori knowledge. I think there is, but I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on the matter.

    Also, thanks for being my first commenter on my new blog.



  4. Let's go with Aquinas. I'm not sure to to relate that to a dinosaur deep in thought, but I'm curious to see the possibilities.

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