Monthly Archives: August 2012

Short Necessary Being Quiz

Skeptical of whether there is a concrete necessary being?  Take this quick quiz put together by Joshua Rasmussen to find out whether you are committed to such a belief  [H/T Czar Bernstein].

Don’t worry, you won’t be graded!

Oh, and let me know of your results via comments.  Did the quiz change your position?  If not, why not?

Start here: The Necessary Being Interactive Survey

Some Helpful Videos on the Modal Ontological Argument

Here are some really interesting and helpful videos on the modal ontological argument that I’ve recently discovered.

This first video (by The Messianic Drew) adds the flourish of a sub-argument for the Triune God of Christianity. Enjoy!

These two videos (by Inspiring Philosophy) form a series. The first walks through the argument in a step-by-step fashion, and the second addresses common objections.