Guest on “Good Reasons to Believe” with Alan Darley

I’m excited to announce that I will be on “Good Reasons to Believe” this Sunday 1/27 at 10am CST.  The show’s host, Alan Darley, and I will be discussing skepticism and the so-called pragmatic arguments for belief in God (think Pascal and William James).

I met Alan through the Unbelievable? Group on Facebook.  We share a passion for Thomism and debate.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss James and Pascal since I think they are often misunderstood and have fallen into disfavor among apologists.  Nonetheless, I think such arguments present a very powerful case against the Sagan-esque skepticism of the “New Atheist”, which is often expressed by the ECREE slogan (extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence).

Details: the show streams through Ustream live (Sunday 1/27 4pm UK time, 10 am CST, 11am EST).  You should be able to find the show through this link NCG Studios: The Place.  Hope you’ll tune in!

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