“Good Reasons to Believe” Interview of Marc Belcastro Tomorrow (2/10)


Tomorrow I will be interviewing Marc Belcastro on “Good Reasons to Believe”.  Marc’s talk is entitled “The Contingency Argument for God’s Existence”.  He will be explaining the Leibnizian Cosmological argument, and I get to grill him a little!  Marc is an excellent and careful philosopher, so this should be good.  Also, it will be my birthday, so the best gift to me would be for you to tune in (I am not sure that that would be a sufficient reason to tune in, but it’s some sort of reason)!

Bio: Marc Belcastro is a Christian theist, of the Anselmian Trinitarian variety. His primary philosophical interests include philosophy of religion and philosophical theology. Concerning philosophy of religion, his attention has lately been occupied by two contemporary versions of the cosmological argument as well as by divine command theory. Concerning philosophical theology, he’s recently been attempting to develop some work on the respective Christian doctrines of the Trinity and of final punishment. Marc also has an affection for metaphysics and coffee, together or apart. He intends to pursue a PhD in philosophy in the near future, and he also aspires to become a father, a novelist, and a better cook. Marc, his excellent wife Shelly, and their pretty cute dog Tibby live in Dayton, Ohio.

Details: the show streams through Ustream live (Sunday 2/10  4pm UK time,  11am EST, 10 am CST).  You should be able to find the show through this link NCG Studios: The Place.  Hope you’ll tune in!

P.S. If you miss the show, I’ll post the YouTube archive when it becomes available.

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