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Good Reasons to Believe: Do Ontological Arguments Provide Good Reasons to Believe

Here is my recent appearance on “Good Reasons to Believe.”  I ran out of time towards the end.  I had hoped to present my own formulation of a deontic-ontological argument.


Upcoming Good Reasons to Believe: “Do Ontological Arguments Provide Good Reasons to Believe?”


This Sunday I will be on Good Reasons to Believe asking the question “Do Ontological Arguments Provide Good Reasons to Believe?”

“Daniel Vecchio is PhD student and lecturer at Marquette University where he teaches courses in Logic and Human Nature. His area of research is on essences and necessity in Aristotle’s modal syllogistic. This week, Daniel will be discussing various ontological arguments for God’s existence. He will survey the argument’s historical development, and consider the most common objections. Are there any ways to respond to these objections? Are any ontological arguments still relevant? Daniel will explain why he thinks that the philosophical and theological merit of these arguments should not be overlooked.”

So tune in!

Details: the show streams through Ustream live (Sunday 10/13  4pm UK time,  11am EST, 10 am CST).  You should be able to find the show through this link NCG Studios: The Place.  See you there!!

P.S. If you miss the show, I’ll post the YouTube archive when it becomes available.