Nothing = not anything

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  1. Krauss restates time after time again that he is not talking about the philosophical absolute nothing. This does not stop apologists from straw-manning him all the time.
    Is it really that hard to figure out what kind of context a physicist would use when referring to nothing? It would not take a genius to figure out the most probable context a physicist would use is physics. If there is no material or energy there is nothing even theoretically measurable left. That state turns out to be unstable. That is all he is saying.

    • Hi killer4hire,

      This meme was intended to be light-hearted. However, I think the issue is not what sort of “nothing” Krauss is discussing, but that the sort of “nothing” to which he refers can help solve the Leibnizian question of why there is something rather than the philosophical “nothing”. Given that he isn’t really talking about philosophical nothing, his book really doesn’t provide an explanation for the cosmos on the level on which Leibniz’s contingency argument attempts.

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