My Top 13 Best Arguments for God

Here is a list of the 13 best argument for God’s existence that I have written or formulated:

  1. The Bonaventurean Ontological Argument
  2. The Modal Ontological Argument from Divine Simplicity
  3. The Modal Ontological Argument from Anselm’s Apophatic Definition
  4. The Anselmian Ontological Argument
  5. The Cartesian Ontological Argument
  6. The Argument for an Omnipotent Being from Aristotelian Actualism
  7. A Mereological Interpretation of Aquinas’s Third Way
  8. The Argument from Essential Uniqueness
  9. The Indispendability Modal Ontological Argument (Voltairean Variation)
  10. A Deontic-Ontological Argument from Gratitude
  11. The Argument from Hope
  12. An Induction based on the Modal Ontological Argument
  13. The Knowability Argument for an Omniscient Mind


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  1. Hello, nice collection.
    I got recently interested in modal ontological arguments. One objection that I’ve seen against modal logic s5 that seems interesting to me is that there is no transitivity and symmetry of accessibility on s5 therefor its unsound.

    See the relevant section here.

    • Hi Calhoun,

      Thanks for the link. I think S5 is sound, and these sorts of paradoxes are in part epistemological, the confluence of rules around identity and S5’s reflexivity, and transitivity, and a non-Aristotelian understanding of possibilia in which all accessibilities are true in the same sense. The possibility for my speaking Spanish is a lot closer than speaking Finnish. So transitivity of possibility may hold, but may be a very weak claim like “the material constituents that compose me have the possibility of contains 100% different DNA.” The possibility that is transitive may be relative to a proper part of my body, but not me as an individual substance. Still it is something to think about.

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