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While in Spain…

Dear Readers,

As some of you might know, I’ve moved to Spain with my wife.  She is directing the “En Madrid” program for Marquette University.  I am working on my dissertation and some assorted publications while attempting to learn Spanish.

Some great pictures from my wife, her students, and me are being posted here.  Follow along, and like some pictures.  We’re running a competition.  The two students with the most “likes” in a month win a gift card to a local “American Style” candy shop (my wife and I are not part of the competition, though you’ll find some of our pictures posted there).  The March contest is about to end, but a new one runs through April.  Help decide which pictures are the best!

My friend, Sergio, with whom I do an intercambio (hang out, eat, drink coffee, make grossly generalized commentaries on one another’s cultures, and practice speaking each other’s native language), is running a conference on Nietzsche.  The Conference runs April 2-4 at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  More information can be found at the conference website:  I’m going to try my best to understand what is going on.  However, given that it will be continental philosophy in a language I am still learning, I might be just a little lost!